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Let the music play


Hello world, here I am

Eight years ago, my passion started making loud noises. I realized while I was doing it that I was doing really well. The more I experimented and learned the basics after a drum lesson, I realized that these deeply penetrating beats reached me somewhere between the happy hormones and the pituitary gland. Well, again seven years later, I stood on a stage for the first time and was allowed to share these beats with other lucky junkies on a live stream. What can I say, it's megaaaa!! By then I was pretty sure which way I wanted to go. Because of the amount of time I spent with my family in Ibiza, the music scene naturally had a big impact on me. I really liked house music. The spark I ignited reaches the others completely unintentionally. what a

magical feeling!

Arrived in my home town of Zurich, I rolled up my sleeves and got started. This section under "About" is still very clear, but I promise you, this will change soon... I'll start in 2022:  Gig`s etc. with the famous house DJ Rolf Imhof you will find in my event list. Come with me on my journey... 

I'm ready    :-)



8125 Zollikerberg

CH Switzerland

+41 76 500 81 21

Danke für's Absenden!

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